Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Open Letter from Dark Mavis

Belatedly - here is the recent mailout from the Paul Draper Mailing List. Go here to subscribe!

Hello mailing list, Dark Mavis here again!

Some great news for you. Paul has recorded a duet with Ritzy of The Joy Formidable who are one of the most exciting new bands out of the UK this year. The track, 'Greyhounds in the Slips', is the band's new single and you can download a free copy by clicking HERE.

In other news Paul is currently working with EMI on a special 3 CD collectors edition of the Mansun album, 'Attack of the Grey Lantern'. The collection will bring together all the bands EPs from the period of the albums release, so fans can finally get hold of the much sought after EP tracks that have never before been available on an album. I get so many messages about the bands EP tracks and now finally you can get them on a CD collection for the first time, so I hope you'll all be pleased with this! Paul is busily working on liner notes for the collection's artwork and a follow up to his famous 'Six' blog but this time an 'Attack of the Grey Lantern' blog, exclusively for the mailing list subscribers. The collection will be released early next year and I'll contact you all closer to the release date with more info.

Also included on the 3CD collection for all you clubbers out there is the legendary 'Wide Open Space' Perfecto remix along with a brand new mix to be released to clubs in the new year by one of the best new DJ's from the UK, Greg Downey. Greg has been voted one of the worlds top 100 DJ's this year by DJ magazine and Paul and Greg are currently holed up in the studio working away on some further collaborations as we speak. You can vote for Greg in the new top 100 world DJ's poll HERE if you get your vote in by September 23rd. It would be great for you to show your support for Paul's ongoing collaborations and also for the mix of 'Wide Open Space' which Greg is working on for the 'Attack of the Grey Lantern' collectors box set. Paul is also working with EMI on a very special 'Mansun at the BBC' album which I'll inform you about in the near future.

You can now follow Paul's daily musical exploits on Twitter. If you want to follow him click HERE.

Once again thanks so much for your ongoing support for this mailing list, it keeps growing all the time and I very much enjoy answering all your queries and messages to the website, Facebook and Myspace! It's your ongoing support that keeps Mansun's legacy very much alive and allows for the future releases of the incredible Mansun back catalogue.

Paul is currently working on a multitude of projects which I'll inform you of in future mailouts as I think that's about enough info for one mailout. Bye for now and I hope you enjoy 'Greyhounds in the Slips'. I love it!

Be seeing you...
Dark Mavis x

More Mansun Goodies!

Well another 4 items came in the post today!
  • Cassette single of Being A Girl
  • 7" She Makes My Nose Bleed (Red Vinyl)
  • 7" Closed For Business (Clear Vinyl)
  • 7" Legacy (Red Vinyl)
I've decided to document the collection as a whole and publish the info for all the items I have. Hope you find this interesting over the coming weeks.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

7" of pure pleasure

Whoo-hoo! After not having any new Mansun to purchase over the last couple of years I've decided to try and complete my collection by going for some of the 7" singles I don't have.

In the post today was Negative on clear vinyl. Bloody gorgeous! On their way soon? Legacy, Closed for Business and She Makes My Nose Bleed. Don't you just love ebay?