Saturday, April 30, 2011

Paul Will Be Back

I've recently heard that Paul's site will return in a "new form".

As for this containing any imminent news - I don't think we should be holding our breath.

Maybe Paul really did mean this...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Case of the Disappearing Paul

A strange turn of events has led to everything official "Paul" (no - not the new Simon Pegg / Nick Frost film) being removed from the Internet. The site is now a blank page and the forum at has been taken down at Paul's request. Paul has also removed his Twitter page.

There are competing theories about why this is... here are the top 4

  1. Paul is removing himself from public life. To me it would be a little strange to do it this way. I personally think Paul has more respect for his fans than just disappearing without a goodbye. But he has left Twitter....
  2. Paul is getting ready to launch his solo career. An update to his main site would do this - so I don't know why he would remove his Twitter account to do this. As amuso says on the forum - dead sites = bad sites.
  3. Paul is getting ready to announce a Mansun reunion. Highly unlikely - at least with the original lineup. I can but wish he'll announce he's back working with Chad, Andie and a new bass player....
  4. Paul is getting ready to announce a new band. To me this sounds more likely than 1,3 and even 2. He might just want to remove the idea of solo material from the fans.  
In the end - only a few people know the reasons, and I'm afraid I'm not one of them. I will try and find out as much as I can and report back. 

Here's to keeping our collective fingers crossed that this might mean some new music in one form or another....