Sunday, April 7, 2013

Repeat Fanzine Interview with Paul - 2008

Another great interview, this time from
A lot of people reading this interview will be Mansun / Paul Draper fans, who are renowned for being very loyal and devoted - even hardcore! What does this mean to you, and why do you think they have connected to you and your music, in such a passionate way?
"Well I hope they are still out there so they'll be interested in my new project, and it seems like a lot of people have joined up to my Facebook and MySpace pages, which is encouraging, considering they haven't heard the fruits of my labour yet. Of course the fans kept the Mansun show on the road really, as it got a bit depressing at times. If I was to be honest, I think people were passionate about the band for a number of reasons. a) I never distinguished between b-sides and a-sides on the EPs, so if you bought one you were getting more than your average single. b) I think people connected with the lyrics. On the first album the lyrics were pretty cryptic, but I think people connected with the small town weirdo observations, which was the theme of the first album. But after that, I wore my heart on my sleeve lyrically and was brutally honest - I suppose it was my emotional outlet as being in that band wasn't a happy experience for me. c) I think the gigs were exciting, I always tried to perform as if it was the last gig I'd ever get the chance to play..."

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