Thursday, October 31, 2013

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Paul Draper will release his solo album........if we can get 50,000 to get behind it

"haha, I guess I couldn't really say no if fifty bloody thousand wanted to hear it but lets face it, its not gonna happen is it?"

so how do we make this work??

Paul speaks... well writes...and sets in train something interesting.

Suzi M, one time supreme hostess of MANSUNITE.COM emailed Paul recently about his upcoming appearance on the Marc Riley 6 Music Show where he'll be performing with the Leeds collective, Menace Beach (more of that in another post).

Here is what he said:

"Hi Suzi,

Haha a Mansun fb group, thought everyone had forgotten bout me! Regarding my future plans Im busy doing what Ive been doing for a while now which is writing and producing for other artists and I dont have any plans to do anything that different in the future to be quite honest with you, sorry to dissapoint. Regarding the solo album thing, which I get asked about day in day out, its something I planned to do post Mansun but I shelved it after putting in a lot of hours writing and demoing the tracks for it and Ive put the songs away in my vault, Ive not used them for other artists because theyre only relevant to me. Theres too many reasons to rationally explain why I shelved it but to be honest its not as if theres fifty thousand people all clamouring to hear what I have to say, if there was then Id be doing it, Im not diametrically opposed to releasing it. In terms of why Im doing the Marc Riley Show its because as you know, I support new music, I supported the Joy Forms when nobody heard of them and they ended up at Madison Square Gardens, Im supporting Menace Beach because I like the bands in the Leeds music scene at the moment, Hookworms, Pulled Apart by Horses, Drenge etc, they seem to like me, its really interesting up there, Ive worked with some of them before and Im lending my support so Ive ended up agreeing to go and visit my old mate Lard, very simple. Dont forget Menace Beach is a collective, not a fixed line up as such, Im just dipping into the collective which has seen members of Department M, Pulled Apart By Horses and Hookworms all get involved, so Im getting involved, its really creative, its psycadelic and leftfield and Im into it, Im going thru a psycadelic phase. I just do things I like and I hope people can respect that.

P x "

So, given the positivity (or should that be inverse negativity) from the online community you can see where this might be heading... so Suzi emailed Paul back to confirm......