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You and Only You

The Anchoress is now moving through the gears with the release to radio of You and Only You. From the off we get a devilishly-simple-but-oh-so-fantastic synth hook, driving bass, drums, acoustic guitar and the incomparable voice of Catherine A.D. An addition to this mix is Paul Draper who delivers a vocal which runs throughout the song, effectively as a duet, juxtaposing the lyric which is Catherine giving advice to a friend about a relationship.

The song, which carries more emotion for me than the previous track Popular (which is itself wonderfully reminiscent of Tori Amos) has a strong chorus and to these ears, a middle eight which harks back to Mansun. This may not be surprising after all as the track is a collaboration between Catherine and Paul.

The EP, which is available to pre-order at all right minded digital outlets contains versions of the track that show how its development progressed throughout the process of putting the (soon to be released) album together. From the snippets I've listened to, all of the remixes stand on their own merits and just show the breadth of ways a song can be produced and presented to an audience.

Verdict: bloody marvellous

p.s. does anyone else agree that there is a little a-ha in the chorus - hunting high and low? Or is it just me?

Sunday, November 8, 2015